Why Coronavirus will not end until vaccine is develop

According to some scientists, coronavirus will end automatically if we take proper precautions but according to number, it’s impossible because even recovery rates are good but the number of cases is increasing daily which is neutralizing recovery rate.

According to the statement of WHO the coronavirus will be at its peak till December which is scarry for the countries who are most affected by this pandemic like the US, Brazil, India, and Russia. A total of 215 countries are affected by COVID-19.

India is one of the most affected countries. But common people have to work in this pandemic to fulfill their needs and therefore the number of cases is increasing daily and neutralizing the recovery rate. And there are many people who think if they didn’t step out of the house they will not be affected but it’s not true because it can low your immunity and one day when you will step out of your home you will be the most vulnerable to this virus.

Recovery rate of India is 64%. Active cases in India is 469,675. Till now 16 million tests have been conducted.

When we can expect a vaccine?

To develop a good vaccine we have to wait till 2021 but according to the Indian government, they are developing vaccine called covaxine and have the plan to launch it on 15th August but is it possible. To develop a proper vaccine they should conduct proper trials because vaccines can show side effects after a long time and it has happened many times. There are many countries like Russia that are conducting the third phase of the test of the vaccine.

A proper vaccine will end this pandemic because there are many examples of people who have taken precautions but they got affected. But it doesn’t mean that you should stop taking precautions because at the end of the day precaution is our ray of hope to fight COVID-19 until any vaccine is developed.

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