Why common people are forced to work in a pandemic


Hello, Readers, I am the eye today I am going to put a question on a serious issue that why common people have to work in this pandemic some of you will disagree with me but please listen to my side on this scenario.

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In March 24th strict lockdown was imposed all over India to stop the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) at that time total cases were around 300 and today on 2nd September active cases of coronavirus are 801K and daily new cases are found across 78,000 and the government is encouraging everyone to work in this situation.

Our health system has been shooked we are running out of doctors and medical teams the situation is becoming worst and the media and journalists whose responsibility is to show us the real picture of the current situation are busy in nonsense debates.

We have kept in a blindfold that everything is okay and this virus is like the flu I think humans are becoming dumb day by day have you ever thought about the second wave of coronavirus. The second wave of coronavirus has started in other countries.

Why leaders, politicians, wealthy people are working from home and we middle and poor class people are working in this pandemic so they can seat in their home and enjoy.

Where is a relief package which is going to issued by a government and does our economy is so poor that it cannot help their citizens in difficult times? Middle and Poor class people have to work because we cannot afford to eat and pay our expenses without getting salaries. Companies who have a turnover in millions and billions can’t pay employees to work from home these same companies pay salaries to their employees in foreign to work from home then why they can’t pay Indian citizen’s to work from home.

If you want to compare India with other countries like the US(United States) or any European countries then your point is baseless and waste because they are developed countries and there is a big difference in income of their citizens and Indian citizens. Many European countries are now free from coronavirus or there is a very little case of COVID like 100-400, therefore, they have released the lockdown but if you see the graph of new cases in India it is continuously rising like a rocket

Graph of new cases in India

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