Veg seek kabab recipe with paratha wrap.

Hello my, Foodies thinking about the food that nawabs eat from the very first India Benn very famous for their iconic kababs, What is kababs, a nice tasty kabab is a piece of chicken with royal marination but as you know many of us don’t eat chicken so today I am gonna share with you awesome recipe veg seek kabab.

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1.Wheat dough .

2.Ghee .


4.cumin seeds ( jeera ).

5.Besan .

6.ginger garlic paste .

7.Green chillies .

8.carrots .


10.Cabbage. chilli powder .

12.corainder powder .

13.cumin powder .

14.turmeric powder

15.anardana powder .

Process .

Take a nice soft wheat dough make a ball from it and sprinkle some flour on top And flatten them and now make nice circle paratha and now apply some ghee on the paratha and some pinch of salt and now take a pan and add the paratha you make and cook it half and keep it aside with a close lid and now in the same pan add some ghee and heat it a little bit and add cumin seeds and roast it for a second and add a bowl of besan and mix it nicely that a besan release all the rawness and now add ginger garlic paste green chilies and mix it well and now add carrots cabbage and some capsicum cut in shredded shape.

Now at the top add red chili powder coriander powder turmeric powder and some con and anardana powder and mix it well with all masala with some pinch of salt and keep it aside for some rest and now make good balls from it and deep fry it and now take a paratha and add some ghee and cabbage with some onions and add 3 balls on the paratha and wrap it and fry it on the pan and guess what.

Your hot and tasty seek kabab is ready to serve it with some barbecue sauce here is the recipe of barbeque sauce.

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