Veg Schezwan fried rice with soup

Veg Schezwan fried rice with soup

Hello guys,Today I am gonna give you the recipe of the best Chinese food ever ..fried rice with soup ,soup yes it fills everything you need in a chinese food a good tasty Chinese flavour yes,guys but before that let’s dig into history


So at 18th century people called hakka ,and hakka means travellers they used to travel around world so when the hakka people came to travel India they found some very amazing masala and food so what they do they mix all the vegetable of india and indian masala and some their own food and that’s how indo -chinese food .now ,the recipe


1.boiled (half cooked)rice




5.carrot chilli powder

7.turmeric powder

8.garam masala

9.corainder powder

10.schezwan sauce sauce



Take a Chinese wock put some oil and always remember the one thing always flame high at the time cooking Chinese food ok keeping it aside,put some veggies boy capsicum onions cabbage carrots and …salt yes toss it nicely cook it half and then add all the masala given up and mix it weel add schezwan sauce soy sauce and vinegar and put all the rice and cook it your fried rice is ready .

Veggie soup



3.carrots chilli powder

5.turmeric powder

6.corainder powder

7.garam masala

8.schezwan sauce sauce



Take a kadai put oil all the veggies given up all the masalas toss it well with pinch of salt and put Schezwan sauce soy sauce vinegar and mix it add corn flour slury with some water and mix it on the top goes fried hakka noodles for it boil the noodles and fry it in the hot oil and guess what you Chinese food is ready serve it on the bowl with. Your favourite fried rice

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