Veg burger recipe

Hello ,guys as you know because of this pandemic we all are just missing that burger that wedges and… as sure Mc’donalds’ but don’t be sad my buddies today i am gonna share with you an awesome recipe of veg burger and wedges which you can cook easily with your home limited stuff .

veg burger ,wedges

Ingredients for burger

1.boiled potatoes

2.onions pepper

4.salt(as per taste) chilli powder chillies(finely chopped)

Ingredient for wedges

1.boiled potatoes(sliced)

2.salt pepper

Procedure of making all

Take a bowl put a boiled smashed potatoes and then add in some onions ,black pepper ,salt ,red chilli powder and a finely chopped green chillies and then mix them well and keep it for a rest and make a long circle pressed ball and fry it,wedges-take a boiled slice potatos and fry them deeply in the a oil until it turn into golden brown

Your burger and wedges are ready to serve the paste with a buns garnish it with some vegetables and with tasty wedges

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