Twitter hack – The biggest hack of internet

The biggest hack of Internet

This biggest hack leads to the hacking of verified accounts of former US president, future president, valuable companies(apple, Microsoft, etc), celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kanya West, biggest Influencers like Mr.Beast, billionaire businessmen like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Mike Bloomberg, richest man Jeff Bezos and many.

What happened?

When these verified accounts are hacked they started promoting bitcoin scam there were tweets like demanding bitcoins like tweet on Bill Gates was “You give me $1000 bitcoin, O send you back $2000” The accounts of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Kanya west also requested donation in cryptocurrency. These are some tweets from verified accounts.

After some time twitter siezed this accounts but people know that they are genuine and they always do donation like Mr.Beast therefore in hurry they paid them. Every bitcoin transaction are visible on public ledger, making hack more spectacular.


Current Situation:

FBI and congress cybersecurity is now active and investigation is on Twitter is also investigating some screenshots of Twitter Internal Management is circulating on social media according to CNN. Some Twitter workers have abilty and tool of managing high profiles so they can change email address linked to account and view protected user information according to some employes hackers may have get this tool and get access to accounts and then reset password. Twitters CEO Jack Dowersy said in a tweet that Tough day for us at Twitter. ‘We all feel terrible this happened We’re diagnosing and will share everything we can when we have a more complete understanding of exactly what happened”. US President Donald Trump’s account was unaffected by this hack because he is account was under special level of protection.

Some Questions?

There is a big question why it was happened. This hack is performed by a big hackers group and for this hack they need funding of million dollars and how it can be possible does anyone have funded them and there are many big questions why this hack was performed before US upcoming election and many more.


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