Top 5 best and most inspirational songs.

No.1 Crawling- Linkin park.

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Who can tell the best stories then bands in the first album of Linkin Park with Chester Bennington, Chester Bennington has sung the song called crawling in his first album Hybrid theory.

Crawling song is about Chester’s drug addiction and about he getting abuse, harassment, and torture for 7 years and it is about the trauma he was going through after his mom and dad divorced. 

In this song, Chester says his feeling when he gets raped for 7 years continuously, crawling song win Grammy and an Oscar for the best hard Rock and for best metal inspiring song.

No.2 Changes- Justin Bieber.


After many years, Bieber is back now with his different voice with a different style. Justin Bieber has released a new album Changes, Changes have the best inspiring song called changes.

In this song, Justin trying to say about that his changing now and his moving on from the depression from a very big controversial break-up with Selena Gomez and leaving his weed addiction and now he is changing, this song is nominated for Grammy and VMAs.

No.3 They don’t any care about us- Michael Jackson.



A legend who has  leaved his image in every single heart of this world with some specialty whether, from songs or whether from his dance, Michael Jackson inspires everyone from his story.

Michael Jackson’s song “They don’t any care about us” is about the Black people who get torture in many places because of the colour which is God-given.

He can’t be blamed for a colour. This song won the Grammy and become the best song for storytelling. After this song, Michael Jackson become the king of Africa the people of Africa gave him a king crown.

No.4 We are the champions- Queen.

QueenPA060911 1

Queen has always been the favorite of the 90s. And the reason for becoming the most famous band is their song cause in every song Queen says something to you and from that one is “We are the champions”.

This song is written by Freddie Mercury this song was produce by Freddie. This song says about all the questions that media ask about Freddie Mercury’s gender for being Gay in this song.

He always used to say that be positive this is not necessary to always speak from the behind of a wall if you fall to give a bounce back, This song won the best song of the year.

No.5 My youth- Shawn Mendes And Weekend.

khalid shawn mendes bbmas 2018 live billboard 1548 1024x677 1

My youth is a song about the student who was shot dead by police in New York for only doing a normal student protest against the US(United States) government.

This song is written by Khalid and it was sung by Shawn Mendes and by Khalid song inspire many students and many students also sing the song in many performances. This song Won the Amas.

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