Hello guys , As you know whats going on this world this covid is getting worst now when you hear summer style you will say no man summer style can’t happen now,but you are wrong my dear summer is not gone now its happening the style is calling you my friend and for this today i am gonna tell you top 10 most trendy summer style that you can get and rock on.



Bandanas is a famous old school style and most of people like to wear on winter days but as you know in this situation it is very important to wear masks and if you want something diffrent style on you mask or with top of your mask so ten you can try wearing this Bandanas on your face .

Many of use like to have good handkerchief thats what bandana give to us a stylish look you can use your bandanas like your mask. And many celebrities like justin bieber ,zayn malik ,harry styles like to wear it and hey are just rocking on with this bandanas and if you also want to rock like them you ca also try it.

2.Floral shirts

floral shirts

floral shirts are most like and good gentleman style and its a new fashion and its going on from 5 years and if you are dating somebody and if you like wearing shirts this is for you my friend ,As you know summer is arrived and florals are very lite to wear so you can try this style to make you summer more hotter and stylish.

Many of us like to wear shirts but mostly you can only find some basic colours of shirts and if you want get some stylish colourfull dress you can go on with it.

3.Long flowy hair

long flowy hair

Hello all of my boys with long and curly hair if you are in a search of good hairstyle this style is made an for you cause you know saloons are closed ad the mens are growing their hair and getting messier so yo can have this hairstyle.

Many celebrities like kit hareington and harry style is rocking on with this hairstyle and if younalso want to rock on like them you can go on with it .

4.Shorter shorts

Shorter shorts

As you know wearing full pants is very uncomfortable to wear in summers so for getting your comfort in this summer you can wear this shorts like mostly at the time of when you go to beaches and all or when you have to go for a long drive .

Many of us know shorter shorts are very unique type of style annd many celebrities like justin bieber and cristiano ronaldo love to wear it.



Most of us wear a shoes like a big buns it feel very uncomfortable so for that reason i am suggesting you this good and comfortable thing for you which is a colors colors is a trendy fashion nowdays after flip flop people like to wear it cause it is very comfortable and cozy to wear it it has a soft cousions at the side of it .

Many of us get very angry at the time when your palms getts sweaty under those big bun shoes and many celebrities like harry style and biliie eillish.

6.White sneakers

White sneakers

As, you know going out with your friends or going out for an cofe you want something quick quick and wearing shoes is a very difficult and it takes too much of time and it becomes very uncomfortable to wear it and for those guys who can’t wait too long for that you can try on this shoes cause it don’t have any lesses or all that what makes it beautiful.

7.T diye

T diye

T diye is getting very famous now days mainly from tik tok and from small hacks you can wear it on any festivals or at any normal day with your shorter shorts from my opinion i don’t like it too much but its getting famous day by day and people are liking it.

8.Polo shirts

Polo shirts

Polo shirts is very basic and it looks very cozy for wearing and mostly in summers it is very good to wear it or you can wear it your home its made an for basic events and it just for looking normal and for going out for shopping its look very cool after wearing and its very good for little old people its little bit old fashion.



As , you know getting out nowday is very risky and all of us want to cover our body as possible as and wearing something that suits your mask is hoodie for having a good groom hoodie is best like its becoming little bit old but its still trending all the boys are rocking on with this little homies and its very comfortable to wear with sneakers .

10.Half cap(monkey)

Half cap (monkey)

Monkey caps are like a 90’kid more cool and more stylish this for those boys who are growing their hair and they wanna go out they don’t want their hair to get lots of dandruff and when they don’t want to put lots of shampoo for washing it so they can wear it is also looks very nice with colors and floral shits so ,you can try it and rock on with it.

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