Top 10 mind-blowing facts

1.The suit of human flesh.

trauma 3491518 1920

The person called ed given was traumatized and torture by his dad after his mother died and he started killing people started collecting human fleshes to make the suit from that.

2. Fake FBI academy.

Gty fbi academy ll 120411 wmain

FBI has created a whole fake town for FBI agent training in the place called Hogan alley and it has banks, Post office, hotels, barbershops , laundry this town is populated by the actors who play the roles of terrorist, bank robbers a scenario always change.

3. Stucked in lightening.

lightening 4802662 1920

If you get stuck in lightening your skin will get heated up to 28,000 degrees centigrade which is hotter than the sun surface.

4. Microwave invention.


The microwave was invented after a researcher walked through a radar tube and the chocolate bar gets melted In his pocket.

5. Rolls Royce can live for 100 years.

rolls royce car emblem luxury car sign

It takes 6 months to build a whole new rolls Royce and his average life is 100 years whereas Toyota gets made up in 13 months and it can only last for 10 to 15 years.

6. Skelton watching TV.


In 2006, A woman name ( Joyce carol Vincent ) was found in her London flat, skeletonized after 3 years of being dead and the TV was still running.

7.1300 earth in one Jupiter.

Jupiter Earth size comparison

Do, you know there can 1300 earth can get fit into one planet Jupiter and there can 1000 Jupiter can get fit into a sun.

8. The hairy frog.

download 1

The hairy frog also is known as the horror frog or wolverine frog is a frog from central Africa .it can literally so aggressive that it will break Their own bones and force them through the skin for sharpening their claws.

9. A man survived the sinking ship with fire.

white cruise ship sinking on body of water

A man name Ramon argagavetiya survived the fire with the sinking of a ship in 1818, but a the age of 41 he again collects the courage to sail the ship in the new ship called titanic and he died in it.

10. A child seeing dead mom



There was family including 3 people’s in it a child mom and her dad one day when the child was sleeping his mom and dad had a fight with each other and in aggression, her dad kills his mom and he put his mom’s body in Their garden and for last 4 days his son doesn’t ask for his mother his dad thought everything is clear, but one day son asks his dad that why mom is sitting in your arms for 4 days.

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