The Pasta with makhani sauce .

The Pasta with makhani sauce .

Hello ,guys today I am gonna share with you an awesome pasta recipe 😉 Of pasta with makhani sauce ,Makhani sauce is one of the sauces you can use in every Italian recipes you are making at home So,let’s jump into the recipe .

Pasta with makhani sauce

1.Pasta boiling step .

1.Take a bowl of water .

2.Boil water until it start releasing foam .

3.Add pinch of salt in low boiling water .

4.Add penne pasta .

5.Boil it with close lid for (7 minutes).

2.Makhani sauce ingredients .

1.Diced onions.

2.Diced tomatoes.

3.Dried red chilli.

4.Cashews .

5.Cumin seeds (Jeera ).

6.Half bowl of water .

7.Olive oil.



Take a curve pan add little bit of olive oil and hot it .After that add tomatoes, onions, cashews ,red chilli ,cumin seeds and toss it for a minute and then add little bit of water boil it for 70 second and add all of the pan ingredients to mixture jar and mix it properly .Your makhani sauce is ready and then in the same pan add boil pasta and mix it with makhani sauce .And guess what .

Your hot and tasty pasta with makhani sauce is ready serve it hot with some corainder on top.

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