Tencent will no longer control PUBG franchise in India “PUBG is back”

  • Tencent will no longer control PUBG in India.
  • PUBG can be back in India

After ban of PUBG and 118 apps in India PUBG corporation lost $46 billion in it’s first week and it is big loss for gaming Industry.

As you know PUBG corporation is a South Korean company and PUBG PC is developed by PUBG corporation but the mobile version of PUBG is developed by Tencent which is a Chinese company and Tencent control PUBG mobile.

The government of India banned PUBG because they found flaws and security breaching by PUBG and PUBG was breaking the privacy rule of India, therefore, PUBG including 118 apps were banned in India. IT ministry found that PUBG was stealing information of its users and it is transmitting data in an unauthorized manner to the servers located outside of India.

PUBG Corporation has decided to no longer authorize the PUBG Mobile franchise to Tencent Games in India. Tencent stated that its partnerships with PUBG Corporation in other countries would not be affected by this move. Means Tencent will not have any control over PUBG Mobile and its data in India only.

PUBG Corporation has taken this decision because it has a big market in India with 175 million downloads and 50 million active users which is big number. After the ban of PUBG Mobile Tencent suffers from a big loss of shares.

After taking the franchise from Tencent PUBG corporation is continuously trying to contact the Indian ministry to unban PUBG in India. PUBG corporation said that they do not confirm that this will help to unban PUBG.

To know the list of 118 apps which are icluding PUBG click on the link https://infostationco.com/118-apps-with-pubg-are-now-banned-in-india/

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