Teen Girl killed her father for beating Mom: Bhopal

Yes, In Bhopal on Wednesday evening, a 16 year-old teen girl continously beat her father to death for harrasing her mother.

Teen Girl killed her father for beating Mom

After beating his 45-year-old father to death with a bat which is used to washcloths also known as lohangi (a tradition stick with iron rings). She then called the police.

The girl’s father was unemployed and used to live on earning of his eldest son who work as mason(राजमिस्‍तरी ).

“The girl’s father was an alcohol addict and he used to beat his wife daily. After drinking he always used to accuse his wife and children and beat them allegedly,” a berasia subdivisional police officer K K Verma said.

What happened on crime day?

On Wednesday around 6:30 pm, the family was discussing the marriage of the eldest son when the father picked up a quarrel again. Instantly, the 16-year-old picked up a washing bat(lohangi) and started hitting on his father’s head. He began bleeding badly but the girl didn’t stop and she continued beating him till the death.

And when her father died, she called police on Dial-100 and confessed to the police that she has killed her father and was waiting to be arrested. After that police registered the case and sent the girl to a juvenile shelter.

And here is the situation now you have to decide that the girl was right or wrong and do let me know about your opinion .

This news was first covered by Times of India(TOI).

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