Spicy :kadai chicken recipe .

Spicy :kadai chicken recipe .

Hello ,Foodies today I am gonna share with you an awesome tasty and spicy beautiful royal recipe for , Which I don’t have words in, I dare you ,You are going to like it ,But first let’s dig into the history .


Kadahi recipes were discovered in Afghan but it’s been favourite in north India so for giving thier own taste they try to add some aroma in it and then kadai chicken recipe get discovered in north india and it also been an pakistani cuisines after partition .let’ jump into the recipe.

Kadai chicken .

Marination recipe .

1.Garam masala .

2.Ginger Garlic paste .

3.Red chilli powder .

4 .Chicken .

Intro .

Take a plate ,put chicken (offcous)red chilli powder ,Ginger Garlic paste ,Garam masala And mix it well .

Chicken masala recipe .

1.Fennels seeds.

2.(Dry)Corainder seeds .

3.Cumin seeds .

4.Dry red chilli powder .

5.Bay leaves .



Take a pan put all the ingredients given up and roast it until it turns into some reddish colour and then pour into the mixer jar and give it a good mix your masala for chicken gravy is ready .

Gravy recipe.

1.(Sliced)Green chillies.

2.(sliced)Onions .

3.(Diced )tomatoes


5.Pasted Garlic.


Take a kadai cause it’s a kadai chicken 😄,Put ghee and oil leave them for getting hot and then put green chillies ,onions ,tomatoes,ginger and garlic and put little bit of water and then put all the marinated chicken and masala together and mix it properly and then put the curd and give a good boil by closing the lid .And guess what

Your hot spicy chicken recipe is ready serve it hot with some corainder leaves on top.

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