Hello guys ,today i am gonna share with you an awesome recipe which you can make when any guest visited to your house or you can make it for your dinner .



1.stick spaghetti noodles (Boiled).




5.soy sauce.

6.tomato sauce.

Sauce ingredients

1.garlic(finely chopped)


3.onions(finely chopped)

4.capsicum(finely chopped)

5.tomato sauce

6.schezwan sauce

7.soy sauce



Take a bowl hot some amount of water in it after water get lukewarm put spaghetti stick in the water for (3) minutes and then remove it after take a chinese wock and put 4 tablespoon oil in it put,cabbage onions carrot fry it until it get cook well then put soy sauce and tomato sauce . for sauce, take a wock put some garlic ginger onions capsicum fry it until they get cook well put schezwan sauce soy sauce and mayonise for a good colour and texture mix weLL .

Your hot and tasty recipe of spaghetti is ready serve it hot with the sauce

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