Sandwich masala recipe

Special Sandwich masala recipe.

Hello, My foodies what you think about the food which can give you the masala and flavours blast in your mouth with some filling which is going to melt on I know you are hungry for Street food so, today I am gonna share with you an awesome recipe of masala sandwich recipe so, let’s jump into the recipe.

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Special sandwich masala Ingredients.

1.Fennel seeds .

2.Hing .

3.Cloves .

4.Peppercorns ( optional ).

5.Amchur powder (Dry mango powder ).

6.Anardana powder .

7.Onion powder .

8.Garlic powder .

Process .

Take a pan heat it on the medium flame forest for 4 minutes and then put all the whole spices given up and after adding roast them well until it starts popping up and then remove it and put it in a grinder and add all the Powdered masala given up and bring it with all spices and give it a mix and now you are special sandwich masala is ready.

Now your special Sandwich is ready to serve. I will recommend you to serve it with barbeque Sauce or green chutney

Here is the recipe of Chutney and Sauce

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