Quick bread samosa recipe .

Tasty bread samosa recipe .

                          Hello, My foodies welcome back to our most favourite section the recipe. Everybody knows about samosa everybody knows that it’s too hard to cook but today I am gonna share with you an awesome recipe of samosa created with bread yes, My friend today we gonna create a good, spicy bread samosa. So let’s dig into the recipe.

Ingredients .

1.( finely )chopped ginger .

2.Corainder seeds .

3.Fennel seeds .

4.Dry cumin seeds .

5.Green chilli paste .

6.Green peas .

7.Boiled potatoes.


9.Amchur powder .

10.Salt ( as per taste ).

11.Turmeric powder .

12.Oil .

13.Bread .

Bread samosa recipe.

Take a Kadai heat it at medium flame not too high and not to low after heating up the Kadai add some amount of oil and heat oil until it starts releasing little bubbles in it and then add in some taste sharpener Mr.Ginger finely chopped fry it until it turns into reddish colours and then add take a pan heat it a little bit add coriander seeds, fennel seeds, Cumin seeds and roast it for a minute until it starts releasing a good masala smell yes bi**h. After then grind them in a fine paste and add into the Kadai after adding grinded masala add some salt according to you food amount and add a little bit of turmeric for a nice good colour.

And now the main part add some boiled potato after adding boiled potatoes add some green chilli paste and mix it well after having some greenish colour add some green peas and some ajwain and some 1 ( tablespoon ) Amchur powder and now mix it nicely on low flame and after having a little black colour mash potato with a masher or with a spoon.

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And the main part of our bread samosa is bread take one big slice of sandwich bread If you are taking triangle shape that’s good or if you take square one I will tell you the idea. Take a slice of bread and trim the corners of bread and don’t throw the corner we gonna make something useful from it after cutting corner flatten the bread with the help of boiling and then cut the bread in two pieces after having a triangle shape take a two side corner attack together and now you have and bowl shape and now add the filling of potato inside the bread and now apply water on the upward side of bread with finger to close the top and now from this method create all the remaining bread with adding the filling and now hit a Kadai add lot amount of oil to deep fry our samosa and now add all the samosa in oil and fry it on medium flame until it turns into a nice golden brown colour and. Guess that.

Your hot tasty and spicy nice quick bread samosa is ready, Serve it hot with mint chutney or with ketchup.

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