Potato Sandwich Recipe

Potato sandwich recipe

Hello ,guys today i am gonna share with you an awesome recipe which you can have a lunch or anytime you wanna eat you can make it for your sunday meals or as your morning breakfast So,let’s get started.


1.boiled potatoes (peeled)

2.onions(finely chopped)

3.green chillies

4.red chilli powder

5.chat masala

6.turmeric powder

7.corainder powder

8.salt (as per taste)

9.lemon (juice)

10.Garam masala

11.white bread

Magic sauce

For ,making an magic sauce you only need 3 things 1.mayonise 2.tomato sauce .3.red chilli powder and then mix them in a bowl and you can serve it wit any type of sandwich or any type of fritters.


Take a deep bowl and ten put in boiled potato, onions ,green chillies ,red chilli powder,turmeric powder,chat masala,corainder powder,salt ,lemon juice ,garam masala and mix them well and then take two slices of bread and at one side put mayo and at the other side tomato sauce and put an small amount of potato paste in the bread and grill it or fry it on tava .

Your potato sandwich is ready for a serve, serve it hot with a magic sauce on a plate

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