Potato lollipop recipe


Hello guys ,today i am going to share with you some amazing recipe which you can make at the time wen any guest visited to your house.


1.boiled potato

2.finely copped onions

3.green chilies

4.[white bread] mixed in the mixture

5.red chilli powder

6.turmeric powder

7.corainder powder

8.garam masala

9.salt[as per taste]

10.chat masala/amchur powder

mix all the ingridients together and make a dough.


1. corn flour slury

2.bread crumbs [on a plate]

3. put the ready balls in the hot oil and deep fry it [fry] until it turn in golden brown colour

Your potato lollipop is ready now serve it on the plate with some tomato ketchup .

.you can share this recipe with everybody and make this at your home .

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