Pizza and Pasta sauce recipe

Hello, MY foodies welcome back! today I am gonna share with you an awesome recipe which is very unique and very simple to make it will make you help for every Italian dish you are making at home you can share this with all of your friend and family so without any further ADO! let’s jump onto the recipe. But, before starting let’s know some story behind this dish.

Pizza and Pasta sauce recipe

Story of the recipe.

Human’s are eating sauce’s from BC’s it was like an common food for all of us but before 16th century we are just eating sauces like an medicine or as mixing it in food while food was cooking ,until Italian’s introduce us with pasta and pizza’s they start making diffrent kind of sauces and the first sauce italian people introduce with us was created by tomatoes and with the help of Dry red chilies so, today we are going to do same so, let’s begin.


1.dried red chilies.




5.Dried fenugreek.

6.Mixed herbs.

7.dried fenugreek.

8.roasted corainder seeds.

9.lemon seeds. sauce.

11.vinegar mixed with 10ml water.


Take a Pan boil some water and add a little bit of salt.

Now add the whole tomatoes and peel them well and after that drizzle some oil on the pan and then saute some cashews and deseeds red chilies with some ginger and with some garlic.

Now take a grinder add all the ingredients written and mix them well together and guess what.

Your tasty and simple pizza and pasta sauce recipe are ready to serve it with any Italian dish you like. 

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