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Paneer sizzler on Pan with butter rice and barbecue sauce recipe.

Hello, My foodies Like it was just like which is the recipe that I can share with you which I always wanted to make at home but I think I can’t so then I think the recipe is paneer sizzler So, basically today we are going to make paneer shashlik sizzler, So here’s my recipe try it at the home comment below share your experience of making paneer sizzler So, for now, let’s dig into the recipe.


Ingredients for paneer marination .

1.Dried oregano.

2.Degi red chilli powder.

3.Salt (as per taste ).

4.2 ( tablespoon of oil ).

5.Paneer ( cut in square pieces ).

6.Capsicum ( cut in square pieces ).

7.Onions ( cut in square pieces ).

8.squieers .

Recipe for paneer marination .

So first of all, Always remember one thing at the time of making paneer sizzler you always need to cut all vegetables in the same shape as paneer cut So, it’s help to cook your barbeque fast and nicely so, leaving that let’s start. Take a deep bowl and add fried oregano first after that salt, Degi red chilli powder and two tablespoon oil for mixing it mix it well and then coat all the vegetables and paneer in masala and live it for a rest for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes take two squieers and first add paneer cube then capsicum then paneer then afterward onions and keep this cycle and fill all the two squieers and now place a pan on a medium flame cook your paneer for 5 to 10 minutes in low flame and now remove it from pan Your hot paneer is ready now what we need is butter rice so let’s create it.

Ingredients for butter rice .

1.Rice .

2.Butter .

3.Salt .

4. Green peas .

5.Cumin seeds ( jeera ) .


Continental Herbed Butter Rice Recipe

Recipe for butter rice.

Take a saucepan and add some amount of water you can take water according to your food amount and now heat up the water in medium flame for 5 minutes till the water start releasing bubbles and now add salt and butter together and give them a good stir and now put all the rice you have taken for paneer sizzler and now add green peas and roasted cumin seeds and then boil it for 10inutes into the close lid and then strain all the remaining starchy water inside the saucepan and now your butter rice is ready now let’s make our desi barbeque sauce.

Ingredients for barbique sauce .

1.Garlic cloves .

2.Ginger .

3.Slit green chilli.

4.Small onions .

5.Bay leaves .

6.Black pepper corns.

7.Tomato ketchup .

8.Mustard sauce .

9.Soy sauce .




 Barbecue sauce recipe.

Take a saucepan and add some amount of oil after heating up the oil properly add Julie’s cut ginger and garlic cloves without Pilled saute them nicely after that add cubic cut onions and saute it for a while the add grinded black peppercorn and bay leaves and mix them nicely after cooking it add a little bit of water and tomato ketchup, Soy sauce and now mix them well after boiling it for 5 minutes into a close lid strain all the things you put in the pan and strain a nice thickened sauce no, Let’s prepare for a sizzler.

Sizzler recipe .

Now basically what is sizzler is the pan you heat and when you put your ingredients it’s sizzle and release smoke not that what it is so can’t we do anything cause everybody doesn’t have a sizzler in their house so today what we are going to do is we gonna prepare our paneer sizzler on a big pan yeah I am not joking, So for that, we need a big pan heat it for 10 minutes not more than ten afterward remove your pan from the stove and place it down now the very important you have to is place cabbage covers on the pan and at the top of it add first your butter rice and afterward on the top of rice add paneer and garnish it with some barbecue sauce now that’s what when the time comes and you got it.

Your hot smoky and spicy delicious paneer shashlik sizzler is ready to serve it hot with some barbecue sauce on top

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