Paneer cheese toast recipe

Paneer cheese toast recipe.

                           Hello, My foodies yes, I am back after a long time yes I am back but did you know I was kidnapped for some days but now me and my recipes are free. So, Today I am gonna share with you an awesome recipe of paneer cheese toast recipe that you gonna enjoy for your whole life. So let’s jump into the recipe.

Grilled cheese sandwiches

Ingredients .

1.Panner (offcous)😁.

2.Finely chopped capsicum.

3.Chopped onions .

4.Chopped tomatoes.

5.Yellow bell pepper .

6.Garam masala .

7.Schezwan chutney .

8.Tomato ketchup.

9.Salt (as per taste ).

10.Red chilli powder.

11.Corainder powder .

12.Ginger, garlic, green chilli paste .

13.Shredded cheese .

Green chutney ingredients .

1.Peanuts .

2.Fresh coriander .

3.Mint leaves .

4.tomatoes .

5.Ajwain, And if you don’t have ajwain say (f**k you ajwain).

6.Half glass water.

Green chutney recipe.

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First, take a Kadai roast the peanuts with some salt until it turns into reddish in colour. And then take a Grinder and put roasted peanuts, coriander, mint leaves, tomatoes, ajwain. Grind it for a second and then open lid of grinder and add water from the measure given up. Your green chutney recipe is ready now let’s jump into toastie recipe.

Paneer cheese toast recipe.

Take a non – stick Kadai and hot it for a second and every time remember at the time you are cooking in non-stick utensils always use a wooden spatula for mixing not steel spatula ☝️. Now after hitting up Kadai add some olive oil after that add Ginger, garlic, green chili paste mix it for a second and then add onions and capsicum fry it until it turns in translucent then add some yellow bell pepper and tomatoes to cook vegetables fast because tomato lives water in food and after adding tomatoes add a pinch of salt according to the food amount and then add red chili powder coriander powder and gram masala mix it well and after mixing up masalas add Schezwan sauce and tomato ketchup now your mixture is ready.

Now add fried paneer (cottage cheese)in it and now take a two slice of bread to add ketchup at one side and a second slice add our fresh green chutney and fill the paste inside slices that you have created and now apply cheese shredded cheese inside lots of and now apply butter at both outer sides of bread and now toast it on a pan with some amount of oil and guess what.

Your hot and tasty paneer cheese toast recipe is ready to serve it hot with our fresh homemade green chutney.


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