Pan pizza recipe with pizza dough recipe.

Hello Guys, welcome who don’t love pizza. Pizza’s is like the best food you can ever get whether you are watching TV with your family or you having some Netflix and chill with your GF or with your Friends but whenever you had that craving what do you do? 

You pick up your phone and you just order a Pizza from any store, why?, cause you think it’s very hard to cook a pizza or it takes too much time.

But wait your bro is here I am gonna cook it easy for you I am gonna do this for all of your late-night cravings and if you had another excuse like I don’t have an oven so, I am not going to make you create any excuses cause today, we gonna make our Pizza at pan So, let’s begin.

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Pizza Dough:

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Pizza Dough ingredients.

1.Instant yeast(yeast).

2.1 cup luke warm water.

3. All purpose flour (maida)

4.Dry basil leaves.

5. Dried Herbs or oregano.

6. Salt.


Take a bowl of luke warm water and put some instant yeast in it for 10 minutes afterwards take a big plate and add some all purpose flour(maida) and also add basil leaves crushed with some dried herbs and orgeano

And now add like a pinch of salt in it for taste and for kneading it add that yeast and water one by one and knead a soft dough from it and then just keep it for a rest let the dough absorb the moisture for 25 minutes and your Pizza dough is ready so, let’s make pizza masala.

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Topping ingredients.

1.Capsicum(diced in square).

2.Yellow bell pepper.

3.Red bell pepper.


5.Sweet corns.

6.Mozzarells chesse.

7.Mixed herbs.



10.Black pepper.

11.Mayonese with tomato ketchup and soysauce with red chili powder mix.


Take your dough and flatten it in around thick and then make a small hole on the pizza bread from fork and just toast it a bit on a pan with a drizzle of olive oil.

Now add the spread given up and then take any toppings you like or you can add any toppings given by me on the top ingredients and after spreading all the toppings spring salt (as per taste) also sprinkle some mixed herbs or you can also add some crushed basil leaves.

Now add loads of cheese on pizza and then after that add oregano on tops with some olives.

And then take a pan put it on preheat now drizzle some melted butter on the pan and then add your ready pizza it now on low flame close the pizza with a lid and leave it for 7 minutes and your Pan pizza is ready.

Your easy and tasty pan pizza is ready serve it hot with your favourite dip. 

Here I have mentioned the ingredients I have use to preapare my tasty pan pizza:-

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