Hello, guys welcome to my new series of band stories who don’t like band, bands always been a heart toucher or it’s a metal band or any other musical genre band, So today I am gonna share with you the story of a most famous young band of the world …ONE DIRECTION: Also known as 1D let’s jump into the story.

The band made up of five member’s:Harry Styles,Louis Tomlinson ,Liam Payne,Niall Horran and Zayn Malik .

Story begins.

So, The story starts from the year 2010 when the show called X factor started their audition of X factor the UK so at that, every member of the band came to audition like from many places Harry from the chapel ,Zayn from Bradford,Louis from UK ,Liam from us and Niall from Ireland so that why one direction is an English, Irish band so at that audition everyone was selected but they get fail to enter in next stage with 16 more . But after that buy the judge Simon Cowell two group were selected for a boot camp audition which is the survival audition to get one more chance to enter back so there were two groups one of girls and second of boys they were put together as a band so at that boot camp audition boys band get selected and get a chance to enter again in X factor so at that time when a band member Harry style give band a name: ONE DIRECTION Means.

From ,that time the band started gaining more popularity and they get more time to spend together at that span of time they also recorded a song called forever young they decided to release it after winning X factor but,they fail to get win in X factors but thier song forever young get leaked by a person .And everyone started liking one direction and they got famous in uk and at that time when band write a book called forever young and it top on uk chart .After that syco music label sign a band in 2 million € and they recorded their first duet song what’s make you beautiful all they it was an duet song but they get famous and song was release in uk first it got famous after gaining popularity song was released on usa and it hit billboard chart 100 and they were famous everywhere so after that they release their first debut album in 2011 called, Up all night it was first release in Ireland and after in all over the world band also recorded many albums together like take me home, midnight memories and band become the first band to collect 200 million dollars in world tour but. , At like many band stories the time come when a band member Zayn malik decide to get out of band for making his solo carrier but after that band in year 2016 decided to release their last album Made in A .M after that band get inactive and said they will be back in some year but for that period of time they will focus on thier solo carriers.

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