New education policy 2020 All you need to know

New education policy 2020 was released. The new policy is going to change and innovate the education system after 30 decades education policy was implemented under Rajiv Gandhi’s government which has now become outdated therefore it is needed to change education policy New education policy has pros and cons.


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The union cabinet on Wednesday approved the New National Education Policy (NEP) and renamed the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) ministry as Education ministry. Before this policy 3% of GDP was spent on education but after new policy 5.5 to 6% of GDP will be spent on Education.

What is going to change in School Education?

Mother tongue will be a medium of instruction till 5th grade. School Curriculum will integrate to 21st Century skills, Analysis, Critical thinking, Mathematical thinking, and Scientific temper. There will be a Common standards of learning in public and private schools. Existing 10 + 2 structure will be modified to 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 structure. Board examinations will be low stakes and test actual knowledge instead of rote learning. Report cards will be a comprehensive report on skills and capabilities instead of just marks and statements.

Students will be exposed to concepts like coding at carpentry music dancing right from 6th grade.
Reduction in curriculum focusing on only core concepts. There will be no rigid separation between arts, sciences and commerce between curricular and extracurricular activities. All will be given equal importance.

What is going to change in Higher Education?

There will be flexible entry and exit for higher educational institutions. No rules to continue a degree for the sake of it.

One year completion certificate will be added with two years completion diploma completion degree. UGC AICTE to be replaced by a single higher education regulator HECI.
An Integrated 5-year bachelor’s +masters course will be also added. Subjects will not be restricted. Holistic and multidisciplinary education – Flexibility of subjects. Students pursuing 4 years degree program would have an option of getting a degree with research if the research process is completed in the area of studies as specified.

Technology will be increased

  1. Education planning
  2. Teaching-learning assessment
  3. Administration and management.
  4. E-content will be available in regional languages.
  5. Schools, teachers, students will be made digitally equipped.
  6. Tracking students progress for guaranteed development
  7. Online self-disclosure-based Transparent system for approval is in place of Inspections.

What will be the effect of this policy?

With this policy India will be promoted as a global study destination, foreign universities will be in Anchorage to set up in India, and Indian universities will be encouraged to set up campuses in other countries in every education institution there shall be a passing system for handling stress and adjustments. The policy AIMS at making “India a global knowledge superpower” increasing GPE from 26.3 % to 50% by 2035 and academic Bank of credit ABC shall be established which would digitally store the academic earned.



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