NASA and SpaceX mission

On 30th May 2020 in Florida at Kennedy’s space center NASA’S and SpaceX joint mission Crew Dragon Demo 2 is successfully launched. In space history, it is the first time that NASA’S astronauts have traveled through commercially built spacecraft.

SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft

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It is proud movement for humans but this mission is the first step to travel in this gigantic universe. As you know this mission’s name is Crew Dragon Demo 2 and it is america’s space agency NASA and SpaceX joint project.

The spacecraft which is called Crew Dragon spacecraft it is also reusable this spacecraft is new generation of Cargo Dragon Spacecraft. According to it’s name (Cargo Dragon) you can understand it’s use it is used for transporting cargo to International Space Station. on 8 December it is (Cargo Dragon Spacecraft) successfully launched. From May 2012 to till now this spacecraft help NASA to transport cargo from earth to ISS(International Space Station).

The space vehicle you are seeing in image ave two main part one is rocket and other is spacecraft. This rocket’s name is Falcon9 and it is reusable space launch vehicle which is designed and developed by SpaceX. It is very advance and modern rocket. A rocket’s work is to help spacecraft to break the escape velocity of earth and take it in space and ten they get detached from spacecraft and fall in ocean because of it the cannot be reused but Falcon9 is reusable wen spacecraft is detached from rocket ten this rocket automatically land on launching site and because of this it is slightly armed and it can be reused. Falcon9 as take off 86 times in which 84 times it successfully landed.

Structure of Spacecraft:

It is divided into two part upper part is called carrier capsule and lower part is called trunk. Capsule is part in which astronauts work and it is important part of space vehicle. In Crew Dragon Spacecraft four astronauts can travel at one time but for testing purpose only two astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley  are sent to ISS. This astronauts are experienced and in NASA’S previous mission they have gone to space mission. Crew Dragon Spacecraft capsule is fully automatic means astronauts don’t need to control spacecraft and they can focus on their research.

And lower part (Trunk) of spacecraft which is important part of spacecraft because it provide energy to spacecraft to move in space through it’s solar modules which are attached on outer part (surface) of trunk and they are high quality solar panels.

Crew Dragon Demo 2 launch actually was first planned on 27 May 2020 but due to bad weather May in evening it is successful to reach ISS. According to NASA this launch was seen by one crore people live on online platform and 1.5 lakh people ave arrived at Florida coast to see the launch


SpaceX (Space Exploration Technology Corporation) it is an American Aerospace manufacturer and it is a space transportation company it was build by famous technology entrepreneur Elon Musk as started in 2002. Spacex ave developed many launch vehicles and two dragon series spacecraft. According to Elon musk he says NASA was busy in many space exploration therefore they are very working very slow to send humans in Space and he wants that Spacex should develop the advance technology for space exploration Crew Dragon was a step in space exploration. If we compare this mission to other big space missions ten it is small mission and it is not big achivement but according to Elon Musk it was first step for humans to travel in this big universe if we consider ts universe as big sea ten ISS is island which is very close to earth. IF we want to go in space ten we ave to make super advance our capability to go to ISS.

Why NASA need SpaceX

Why does big agency like NASA which have billion dollars budget why they need help of SpaceX. In 2011 after last manned mission NASA space shuttle program was over and after that NASA does not ave any spacecraft system which can take their astronauts in space because of this they have to take help of Russia through Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft to take astronauts to ISS. NASA ave to pay eight crore dollars to Russia but according to SpaceX program it will only cost NASA to six crore dollars to them and also it is reusable and next time for using it they only have to spend five crore dollars. By this mission NASA can do saving in their space program and important part their money is in their country and in this cost they are getting the technology for which they need many years to develop it and they ave to waste billion dollar in developing this technology.



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