Mumbai facing community spread of COVID 19

  • Due to the rise in the new cases of COVID 19 Mumbai can face big community spread threats.
  • More than 8,323 people died due to COVID in the city.



Mumbai facing community spread of COVID 19

Due to high rise in new cases of Covid-19 Mumbai and it Suburbs including Thane is facing community spread of Coronavirus.

The Maharashtra government lifted the lockdown fully in Mumbai because new cases are not increasing from Aug 21-Sep 3. After lifting of lockdown new cases started to rise in lockdown with high speed.

Due to this Mumbai Police on Thursday imposed Section 144 (under which more than 3-4 are not allowed in one place) in contaminated zones.

Health department officials stated that “Community spread has happened. So, our focus is on how to provide treatment at an early stage so that we can control the number of deaths”.

Authorities in Lonavala have reported 1,650 cases for violation of lockdown rules in popular hill station around 83km from Mumbai, but there has been a steady rise in tourists since 1 June.

On Friday, Mumbai added 2,283 fresh cases for violation of lockdown rules, and instantly after that, there is a rise in Corona cases around 180,668 and it is the highest record jump in new cases.

The Maharashtra government has repeatedly warned of strict action to stop people from unnecessary travel, but little seemed to have worked.

Cases have been on the rise since the beginning of this month, in line with the expectations of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation officials after the lockdown was lifted. “We had anticipated a spike in cases as people no longer wanted to be cooped up at home. Despite warnings, many still do not wear masks or practise social distancing,” said a senior government official, also seeking anonymity.

The positivity rate in cases at Maharashtra in September was 20-28%, compared with its overall positivity rate of 20.29%. On 16 August, the positivity rate in the state was at 18.84%, while on 16 September it rose to 20.36%. The surge in COVID cases is also due to increased testing, the official added.

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