Manisha Valmiki: Hathras rape case they are hot humans

Manisha Valmiki a 19 year old girl was raped by four men’s(inhumans) in Hathras, Uttarpradesh.

She was assaulted by these men and brutally raped. She died on 29th September 2020. These inhumane raped her till death and left her to die for what?
Only for 20 seconds of pleasure and supremacy.

Manisha Valmiki: Hathras rape case they are hot humans

When did this incident happen?

This tragic incident happened on 14th September when the girl was going to the field to cut the grass with her mother but when she was 100 meters away from her mother. These rapers dragged her by a ‘dupatta’ and took her bajra field.

The girl was Dalit and the rapists are from the upper caste. According to the victim’s family, these rapist has also harassed and also accused many girls and women’s in the village but nobody filed a complaint.

According to Doctors who treated her stated that the spinal cord was permanently broken and three bones of her neck were broken also they cut her tongue.

She was first treated at Aligarh hospital but her condition was not improving therefore she was shifted to Safdarjung. When she was on way to Safdarjung her pulse rate reached 52 and she died in the ambulance.

Her body was burned by cruel police without informing her parents and when people standing their asked police that what is burning Police refused to the anything.

It’s not a body that they burnt. It’s the democracy, it’s the judiciary, it’s the constitution, it’s the hope of the common people, hope of the poor n marginalized, hope that the system will ensure justice is what they burnt their..

We are expecting justice from the CM of Uttarpradesh who is himself a rapist. He has charge of 12 rapes but after becoming CM he cleared all his charges. How he can give justice to another rape victim.

The accused – Sander, Ramu, Lavkush, and Ravi have been arrested for rape and murder. Indian media cannot talk about this because this rape was happened in UP which is ruled by BJP and if they discussed this topic in their debates then they can lose their jobs.

Uttar Pradesh is seeing a large number of new cases of young girls being raped,  and in many cases, these young girls are from Dalit communities. In a report, Lakhimpur Kheri in UP has seen many incidents of minor girls being raped or gang raped after they went outside of their village.

The annual report of NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) data shows a rape case is registered with the UP Police every two hours and the states see a crime against a child every 90 minutes. As per the data available for 2018, 144 girls below the age of 18 were reportedly rape in 2018 against 139 in 2017 a large number of cases have been reported in Uttar Pradesh.

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