Kholapuri misal pav recipe

Hello, Guys welcome as you know misal is the love of Maharashtra means, you will get different types of misal, every place has its own style their own flavour if you don’t know there are many different kinds of misals like Nashik’s misal pav, Puneri misal pav. But today I am gonna share with you one of the most awesome recipes of Kholapuri misal pav it’s very simple to cook. This dish has lot’s of spices hotness and the flavours of Maharashtra. So Let’s begin.

Kolhapuri misal pav

Table of Contents

Misal’s Ingredients:

1. Sprout’s[30gm].

2. Kidney Bean’s[30gm].

3. Matki[30gm].

4. Chickpea[Kabuli chana 30gm you can also add your favourite that you like].

5. Onion’s[2 medium sliced].

6. Garlic[9 pieces].

7. Ginger.

8. Tomatoe’s[1 big slice diced].

9. Kashmiri red chili[7].

10. Stone flower.

11. Cumin seeds[1 tablespoon].

12. Cinamon.

13. Mustard seeds.

14. Curry leaves[1 big stick].

15. Green chilie’s[2 slit in 3 piece].

16. Water[2 big glass].

17. Degi red chili powder[2 tablespoon].

18. Turmeric powder[1 tablespoon].

19. Salt[as per taste].

20. Coconut[dry half] sliced.


Take a pressure cooker drizzle some oil heat it up on medium flame and for a little saute now add mustard seeds and cumin seeds fry them until all pop up’s are over.

After that add turmeric powder and salt let them be in a closed lid for 2 minutes and now add all the sprouts and beans you have take and always remember before adding it soak the beans for the whole night in water and then add it into the cooker. 

Now roast the beans a little bit now add water and give it 2 whistle’s on medium flame and then keep the cooker aside heat up the Kadai on medium flame.

Add some oil after that add onion’s, tomatoes, coconut and a little bit of salt now add all chilies and all whole spice’s given up and saute them well after it gets saute well let it cool down for a minute.

And when it completely cooled down grind them all together in a fine paste and now in the same Kadai add oil and also add the fine paste that you have created and saute it until it starts releasing oil.

Now add red chili powder and salt and give it a mix and now add all the beans that are cooked with all the stalk water inside the cooker and cook them together for 10 minutes in low flame and now.

Serve it hot with some pav and with some besan gathia your hot and tasty misal is ready.  

Here I have mentioned the ingredients I have use to prepare my Kolhapuri misal pav:-    

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