Journey of Chester Bennington and Linkin Park

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Story of Chester Bennington.

Chester was born on 30 March 1976. He belongs to a very small family which only includes his mother and father from the very first when Chester was born the relationship of his parents started getting worse.

And they had a divorce Chester’s father got his custody. Chester was 6 when he started listening to Metal Genre. Chester was very passionate about this Genre he always wanted to be a metal singer. But once Chester got into college everything in his life get changed there were all bright to sudden dark.

Chester seniors forcefully made him take drugs and then he became a drug addict. Once in an interview, Bennington said that I remember when I have taken lots of drugs and my throat was choking on that day I was asleep for 19 hours it is not only about drugs. In the same interview with BBC Chester said he was sexually abused and get raped by his senior for 7 years continuously.

He never told this thing to anyone cause he thought that everyone will think that he is gay. After 11 years of Chester’s parent’s divorce, his mother finally got his custody.

His mother knows that something is wrong with his kid So, for that, she started to make Chester a better person. She told him to follow his career and to be what he wants to. After that time Chester became and he was on the way to his own vision.

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Story of Linkin Park.

Linkin Park began in 1996 as a rap-rock band called Zero.
The band includes 3 members.
Brad Delson- Born on December 1, 1977: Guitarist.
Chester Bennington – Born on March 30, 1976: Vocalist.
Mike Shinoda -Born on 11 February 1977): Emcee, Vocalist.
Joe Hann-Born on March 15, 1977: DJ.
Rob Bordon-Born on January 20, 1979): Drums.
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When lead singer Mark Wield left the band Chester Bennington joined the band as a lead vocalist and the band was renamed with a new name called Hybrid theory.

After Bennington joined the band they released self royale (EP) and then the band have a second name and this time the name was Linkin park This name was given by a band member called Mike Shinoda who found the band.

After the band gets the name they struggled for recordings deals after failing to catch Warner brother records. Vice president Jeff blue help to sign the band a deal with a company in 1999 and the band released their first album Hybrid theory .

The band broke all the records and become massive and famous. The band sold 4.3 million copies of the album and Linkin park become the biggest band of the decade and the one song which is written by Chester and the song was crawling which represents his pain that he suffered in his life.

Crawling won the Grammy for best motivational Metal song of the year 2002 The band became very famous after there hit album.

They were just selling hits and the time comes which happen with every single artist and they all took a break from music. But after that hard time also they recorded some song that was a hit. But, everything changed when the band leads Chester Bennington committed suicide at the age of 43 on 20th July of 2017 and the reason was Depression.

The band was broken but after 2 years band reformed with new creativity and they start recording songs.

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