JEE and NEET Should be postponed or not

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                   Postpone JEE(Joint Entrance Test and NEET(National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) is trending on twitter and on many platforms for several days. JEE and NEET is the entrance exam for Engineering and Medical which is held by NTA (National Testing Agency). NTA is continuously postponing this exam due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

JEE and NEET is going to held in September and arrangements have begun to conduct exam but many students are not ready to give exam in this pandemic . India is 3rd most country which is affected by coronavirus pandemic daily new cases has rised to 70,000

Many students and parents have appealed to Supreme (SC) but SC refused to postpone exams and some politicians are saying that exam should be held because we have to continue living with the coronavirus and students are immune to this virus which is not a valid point because many scientist have stated that many youths are the asymptomatic carrier of coronavirus and if they caught this virus then they can pass this virus to old ones and their parents which is deadly for them.

What Students want to tell?

Many students on twitter have expressed their voice. According to students they are very confused and stressed because they are not sure about exam dates and NTA is announcing the exam dates every month. According to NTA, they will conduct exams with every rules and regulation like maintaining distance, no thumb impression and virtual admit card but here is the image of state-level entrance exam KEAM 2020 which is held a few weeks ago with strict rules and regulations.

KEAM final


There are some students who are infected by some diseases like TB(Tuberculosis), Astamha, respiratory disease and many and they are vulnerable to COVID-19 disease. Regions like Assam and Bihar which are affected by flood how students can attend exams there. 

Students who are stuck in villages and their native places cannot attend exams because the test center is not available near their village and they have to travel thousands of kilometers to the nearest city for exams and after hours of travel how they can concentrate on exams. 

Students cannot concentrate on paper because they will have the stress of coronavirus. 

Many students will not be able to travel to their test center because public transport is closed or it is dangerous to travel through public transport example Mumbai local is closed which is the main source to travel in Mumbai and there are thousands of reasons.


  • Does Exam is more important or Common People’s Life?
  • How the Government will maintain rules and regulations in the lakhs of students?
  • What if Student caught coronavirus does the government will be responsible for that?
  • Does government will provide medical expenses to student if they got affected by COVID-19?

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