Instagram will now use AI and video selfies to verify your age

Meta-owned Instagram is now testing new methods for age verification, it will now let Artificial Intelligence judge the user by having the user upload a video selfie.

Instagram will now use AI and video selfies to verify your age

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On Thursday, Meta owned Instagram said it is testing new options for people to verify their age by uploading an ID like a driver’s license or ID card or with other methods.

How this new verification will Work?

Starting with the USA, if anyone tries to edit your date of birth on Instagram from under the age of 18 or over 18, Instagram will require them to verify their age.

Now to verify anyone’s age, they can verify by uploading their ID, recording a video selfie, or asking mutual friends to verify their age. The mutual friend which will be verifying must be at least 18 years old and they should not be verifying for anyone else at that time. The ID will be stored securely on Meta’s servers and will be deleted within 30 days once user’s age is confirmed.

What was the old verification method?

Instagram first began asking people to provide their age while signing up. Instagram said, “We require people to be at least 13 years old to sign up for Instagram. In other countries, our minimum age is according to the law”. 

The teenagers from age 13 to 17 Instagram provides them with under-age services like defaulting their accounts into private accounts preventing unwanted contact from adults they don’t know and limiting the options advertisers have to reach them with ads.

Instagram partnering with Yoti

Instagram is now partnering with Yoti for a new age verification method. When the user will upload a video selfie then Instagram will hand over the video to its partner, Yoti, a company that uses AI to verify the user’s age.

Instagram has confirmed that Yoti trains its AI on “anonymous images of diverse people from around the world who have transparently allowed Yoti to use their data and who can ask Yoti to delete their data at any time.” Yoti collected data with parents or guardians giving explicit permission, for people under the age of 13.

What is the accuracy of AI used by Yoti?

According to a “white paper” document posted on its website of Yoti, it states that its AI has an accuracy rate of 2.96 years for 6-70-year-olds, and this accuracy rate gets better for narrower age groups. The company also states that users are not individually identifiable, and that gender and skin tone bias is “minimized.”



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