India's Top 10 Startups of 2020

          This is the new rise of India where starups are glowing like a sun and enabling India to become the world’s number successful startup country.

2020 is the real challenge for every industry but then also this startup’s managed to play in the ground. These new Startup’s have changed the phase of startups and revolutinized it. Let’s look around which are the Top 10 startups of India.

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1. upGRAD

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upGRAD is an E-learning platform founded in 2015. upGRAd is an online learning platform that has revolutionized the online learning system. This platform offers main courses related to technology and marketing like Data Science, MBA, Machine Learning, and many more. 

upGRAD has also partnered with local universities to offer new courses. upGRAD had announced pay cuts of up to 30% in the wake of the pandemic but decided to restore original salaries and reimburse the deducted amount following a turnaround in the business.

2. Unacademy

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Unacademy is also an E-learning platform that was founded in 2015 by Gaurav Munjal, Roman Saini, and Hemesh Singh. Gaurav Munjal is the CEO of Unacademy. 

Actually, Unacademy was first created as a YouTube channel in 2010 by Gaurav Munjal. 

Backed by Facebook Unacademy, helps students to prepare for competitive exams like JEE, NEET. Unacademy became the second E-learning startup to enter India’s unicorn club. 

Unacademy is looking for new segments like K-12 subscription for school students, and judiciary and law. A year ago, the startup launched a subscription service that offers students access to all live classes. 

Munjal tweeted earlier this month that the subscription service had become a $30 million ARR business. It has amassed over 90,000 paying subscribers.

3. Cred

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Cred was founded in 2018 by Kunal Shah who is also a founder of FreeCharge. Cred aims to make paying credit card bills simpler and reward you for paying them on time. 

The app asks for your phone number to check your credit score with Cibil, CRIF, and Experian.

If your credit score is 750 or higher, you are granted access to the app, else you join a waitlist. The app scans any credit cards linked to your phone number and adds them to the app. You can manage your every credit card in this app which is easy to navigate.

4. Unschool

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Unschool is an E-learning platform founded in 2019 by Rahul Varma. An e-mentorship marketplace where subject matter experts can coach learners, Unschool tapped incentives and gamified models to grow its intern workforce during the pandemic. 

Paid subscribers and revenues have risen since February as the T-Hub-incubated startup looks to capitalize on the E-learning.

5. Whatfix

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Whatfix is Hyderabad based startup founded in 2014 by Khadim Batti. Whatfix is a SaaS-based platform that provides in-app guidance and performance support for web applications and software products. 

Whatfix’s platform provides product adoption, user onboarding, employee training, self-service support, and performance support for companies using enterprise web applications. Whatfix raised $32 million in Series C funding earlier this year.

6. Razorpay

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If you are an online banking system user it is not possible that you haven’t overcome this name. Do you remember whenever you transaction any money you have pass-through Razorpay gateway. 

Razorpay is founded in 2013. Razorpay is a Software company it provides a secure payment gateway on your every transaction which helps you to secure your banking details.

Payments platform Razorpay has seen demand rise 50% month-on-month since April, prompting it to launch a slew of new features targeted at small businesses, freelancers, and end consumers

7. Zigram

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Zigram headquarter is located in Gurugram. Zigram is founded in 2018 by Abhishek Bali. 

Abhishek Bali is the current CEO of Zigram. Zigram is a data technology organization which operates in the Data Asset space. 

In a pandemic, Zigram is doubling down on engineering and product development in areas related to digital transformation, risk management, and enhanced data asset quality.

8. Yellow Messenger

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Yellow Messenger

Yellow Messangerr is Computer software company which is started in 2016 by Raghu Ravinutala.

Bengaluru based this AI startup Yellow Messenger offers enterprises intelligent and customizable conversational bots that are trained on vertical market and process knowledge to help drive growth. 

Yellow Messenger closed its $ 20 million series B funding in April, surpassed its growth targets in the last two quarters, and is expanding into the US and EU. 

From marquee names like Schlumberger and Accenture to recent additions like Unicommerce and Spencer’s, the company’s client list is growing as brands look to go direct-to-consumer.

9. Pee Safe

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Pee Safe

Pee Safe is a Gurugram based company started in 2017 is a Health, wellness and fitness focused company.

Pee Safe, which has disrupted the female hygiene segment with its innovative offerings, launched products like hand sanitizers, surface protectants, and face masks just before the onset of the pandemic. 

The company has seen a spike in online sales since March, which offset a drop in footfall at physical stores. 

Co-Founder, Srijana Bagaria with the help of her husband, Vikas Bagaria(Founder), founded an easy way out of risking UTI every time anyone visits a public washroom. 

10. Urban Company

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Urban Company

Urban Company was founded in 2014 and it’s heardquarter is located in Gurugram. 

Recently Urban Clap jeans of Urban Company became a famous brand to wear. Urban Company platform helps customers book reliable home services like beauty services, massage therapy, cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, appliance repair, painting, etc.

Nearly 120 employees across designations and roles recently made money in the company’s third employee stock option buyback program.

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