Indian railways to start a new 80 passenger trains from 12 September

As you know that after a shutdown of railways from 2 months after May special trains have started running with some rules and regulations. Piyush Goyal(Indian Railway Minster) has set up a new passenger train to run on tracks from 12 September.

WAP 4 Class locomotive of Indian Railways

The Indian Railways will now run 80 new special trains from September 12 according to the statement of Chairman of the railway board Vinod Kumar. These new trains will run on track from September 12th.

“The reservation of these trains will begin after 10th September. 80 new trains or a pair of 40 trains will be operated in addition to 230 trains” Vinod Kumar Yadav said.

Railways will monitored all these trains that are currently in operation to determine which trains have a long waiting list Yadav stated. If there is a demand for any particular trains or wherever the waiting list is long, we will run a clone train ahead of the actual train, so that passengers will not have any burden,

Yadav also said the Railways will run trains whenever there is demand from states for exams or other similar purposes. Piyush goyal tweeted that it will 20 pairs of special trains from September 2 to 15 for the convenience of the candidates appearing for NEET, JEE, and NDA examinations in Bihar and other states.

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Railways 2
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