Indian Railways has revealed the new Tejas locomotives

Indian Railways, Electric Locomotive Manufacturing Unit CLW(Chittaranjan locomotive works) had revealed the first batch of Tejas Express locos for ‘push-pull’ operation with aerodynamically designed WAP-5 (loco no. 35012 and 35013).

Indian Railways has revealed the new Tejas locomotives

General manager “Praveen Kumar Mishra” flagged off this Tejas Express locos from CLW sidings in presence of Senior officers and staff of CLW.

New ‘push-pull’ technology will help the passenger electric locomotive to reduce their tracks at higher speed for more energy efficiency and dynamically stable during high-speed operation.

These two WAP-5 (loco no. 35012 and 35013) electric locomotive are of 6000 HP capacity each and both are equipped with the latest IGBT based propulsion system capable to run at 160 kmph each.

The driver desks have also been re-modified for improving the maneuvering skill of loco pilots. Composite converters are also provided in this locos to directly supply power to the coaches and pantry cars eliminating the need of separate diesel power generator cars.

These trains will be noise free pollution free and environment friendly green locomotives which are more energy efficient and requires less maintenance and will also save lots of locos shunting time.

What is special about this train?


Indian Railways has revealed the new Tejas locomotives

1. You know that Push-Pull Technology makes it special. In a push-pull arrangement, each locomotive is connected to each end of the train and will communicate through a wired train bus.

2. Each locomotive is designed in such a way that one cab is aerodynamic in shape and another cab facing the coach side is flat in order to reduce the air drag drastically at Higher speeds.

3. This increases the energy efficiency of the train and makes it dynamically more stable at higher speed.

4. The maximum reactive effort of a single WAP loco is 260kN. It can haul up to 16 coaches. The push-pull arrangement with a maximum of 12000HP provides solutions to the need for longer trains like Rajdhani with one loco at the front called Master with the loco pilot and the other in the rear called slave with no loco pilot.

5. This also reduces coupler forces and leads to say for operation. Further, in steep up gradient sections no banker loco will be required and no time will be lost for attachment and detachment of banker.

6. For ease of loco pilots, two locos will be about 600 meters apart with coaches in between them BL key (Loco Main Switch to Turn On) LSDJ (Indication of the condition of vacuum circuit breaker) and BPFA. Indication/Acknowledgement of fault has been provided in duplicate in master loco depicting and condition of slave loco.

7. Specially Locomotive software has been upgraded for better negotiability in neutral sections. The lookout glass has been widened for better comfort of the loco pilot and the entire loco body is wrapped with the Vinyl player with graphic design.

8. Composite converters is provided to locos which will supply electricity for light fan and air conditioning in the Coaches.

This train 🚄 will reduce the travelling time of Rajdhani Express between Howrah and New Delhi by 90 minutes.

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