Hey guys,because of this lockdown we are not able to see cerials which we daily use to see it with our family and friends and might be you are waiting for some of your favourite serials and as you know shooting of the serials and movies is started and so today i am going to tell you about some cerials which is going off air might be the serials which you are waiting for.

1. dil jaise dhadke ..dhakne do which is created by mahesh bhatt and produced by gurodev bhalla featured javed savaille ,hira trivedi,rahil azam and shruti seth which was a new show which was indifenitly halted on 27 march because of coronavirus pandemic and now show has announced that show will go off air .

2.beyhad 2 starring jennifer winget ,shivin narang and ashish chaudary,is another show that got axedbecause of lockdown .prateek sharma,producer of beyhad 2 told bt,”we all are in an unprecedented situation here and i would totally agree and go ahead with channel decisions in this matter a whatever they will decide will be int he best intrest of all the conseredparties,including producer actors writers and the rest of the rest of crew is announced of going off air.

3. patiala babes,starring ashnoor kaur saisha bajaj ,paridhi sharma ,anirudh dave,and saurabh rain jain ,has been taken off air .the show last episode was telecast at march 27. due to coronavirus pandemic ,the shpoting was halted but later it was decided to go off air producer rajita sharma ,who said ,”our show was always a finite series but unfortunately we are unable to shoot remaining episodes .

4.naggin 4 ,the nia sharma anita hassannadani , rashami desai and vijendra kumeria starrer naggin 4 also wrap u tv crazina announced it on social media and said that show will have a grand finale.they have already started on working for season 5.

6.’meri gudiya’will not be able to maker post lockdown . the show has alisha panwar and gaurav s bajaj playing lead roles it was started in december 2019 like many shows ‘meri gudiya’is also axed .

so that was the some shows which is going off air after lockdown.

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