India ,Us closing trade deal :Piyush Goyal

NEW DELHI: US and India both (FM) have met and decided of going off with trade happening between us and India An a new given by India’s( FM ): Piyush Goyal on Tuesday after two years of negotiations between India US trade.

“In the long term, I believe we have a quick trade deal which has some of remaining stuff and matters to built up over the last couple of years, which we think to get out from that way quickly. We are almost there to go,” Piyush Goyal said at the US -INDIA business council’s India ideas get the summit, being conducted virtually

Both new Delhi and Washington should also ask or look for a preferential trade pact with 50 to100 products and move towards a free trade pact in the long term it was said by: Piyush Goyal.

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