How to have healthy straight hair

What’s up, Everyone welcome back today I am gonna show you guys how to go from curly to straight hair and from freezy hair to soft hair which is easy to manage.

Saloon way No.1 Brazilian blowout.

How to have healthy straight hair

Yes! Boys, Brazilian blowout is the technique to make your hair wavier and it blows your hair straight and makes it comfortable on your head so you can give any style you want to have on your head.

No.2 Don’t apply soap on your scalp.

How to have healthy straight hair

Yes,I have seen many guys just putting soap on their head and rubbing their scalp continuously bro stop, it is not going to clean your head or hair it will just make your scalp very dry and harsh that you will start getting hair fall soon instead of soap you can use conditioner for twice a week.

No.3 Apply oil on your hair daily.


Applying oil on hair is very common and it’s a very traditional way that we are following from decades it just makes your scalp healthy and silky and the oil like almond oil or the best one argan oil you can use.

To apply oil properly take a small bowl and heat up some oil and then apply it in your hair it’s the best.

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