HELLO GUYS,As you knew guys we are going through such a difficult condition and we want something healthy routine we all want to have some good and a healthy changes in our life ,So today i a going to tell you how to have an good and a very important a healthy routine .

1.How to have a good sleep.

  1. Most main and a important thing for having an good morning routine you need to have a good bed routine so, how to have an good bedtime ?

For,having a good bed time you need to get your sleep early you need to sleep on a time . like, most of us sleep normaly at 11:00 clock to 12:00 clock no,this is wrong you have to sleep at 9 or 10:00 clock cause you need to get up early morning so you have to fill your sleep as you wanted too.

2.How to wake up early in the morning?

Now most of us are think that we always want to get up nearly but when the time comes we get lazy no my dear friends you to get rid of that laziness we need o try getting up early cause getting up early and getting a good sleep of amount is the very good thing to have so,for getting up early put an alarm of 7:00 clock and try do not to snooze your alarm everytime .

3.Healthy day starts .

So, now we will see how to start a good healthy start of a day.

1.Get your theeth clean.

2.Get a good shower.

3.Dry out your hair.

4.Have a nice healthy breakfast .

5.Get to your face cleaning routine .

6.Get your favourites clothes on .

And , now you are ready for your nice and a busy day.

Hope you like this mourning routine ,Peace out .

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