How to have an healthy diet and healthy eating .

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                  Hii, today we are going to talk about something very special and a special thing that every boy want’s it is a good healthy diet a good health plan with good healthy eating who doesn’t want that cause I want it and I know you also want it So, Let’s jump into the topic.

I thought what I will say when you and I sat down in a clinic. What we are gonna talk about weight loss, Less overeating, Healthy eating, or a good long life. Then I got a big picture in my Ming about an.

Healthy cascade.

  1. 1. Exercising leads to better stress management and air also lead to a better sleep, Which leads to better food decision to more energy and which leads to a leads chronic disease It’s a whole graph.

2. Or it’s weight loss actually so it’s easy don’t eat much and move more it’s maker good energy balance like in the gram of eating and moving but in the real world, it’s not too easy to do cause all over the world they have an unlimited supply of high-calorie food. On, another case of balance our situation is changed because of society pressure because this society pushes us to do that work working 9 to 5 by sitting like your parents like caging you all the time from the real world and torturing to do the work they want you to do sit study eat and sleep that’s the point when you become lazy and give low concentrations on your study and in other parts of you life cause at that time what is happening that you don’t want it to struggle you only wanted to do hard work, not teamwork and hard work. But, what the biggest question.

How to have the best healthy diet.

Now what you are thinking now after seeing this heading how to have a healthy diet you got a pop-up window in your window of a Hollywood star diet magazine cause it proves that not a one plan diet can work for rest people’s What did you look in your diaries and diaries about how to have a healthy magical weight loss but that now how you going to have, So for that think about my diet.

My diet .

What you are going to eat is called Micronutrients Eat low carb and eat more protein food. In my try to think like eating carb in the form of veggies and fruits is good to take that. But it’s matter to quality not to quantity eat more good Porsche quality food in the match of eating more food in quantity with no quality and that’s when you decide what to eat .Move your body not by just sitting on the seeing TV or watching movies in laptop and saying that I am cool cause the research says that most of us waste 9 years of our life on just sitting on the table so break the rule break the cark run fast follow your passion and create your own diet.

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