How to have a chiseled jawline


Hello, Everyone, and welcome today we are going to learn about how to get a sharp chiseled jaw for men and, As that jaws are important cause you know that jawline is the most attractive part of men’s body and the men having fat fluffy jaw is not going to work because, Jawlines are the most powerful sexual character and having chiseled jawline look like raw masculinity so, Let’s know how to get a chiseled jawline.

Chiseled jawline


Step No.1- Collar bone exercise:


As you know jaws are connected with our collar bones and it is very necessary to push the limit off so for that exercise you don’t need any weights or machine to do it but you only need one clean floor to sit down and do it and for doing that:


Sit on the floor with back straight and knees bend in 90 degrees and now imagine the spine line which connects you’re next with your spine and now move your head backward and forward and that is going to help you so much not only it will give you the sharp jawline it will also make your neck tension to reduce it will make you feel refreshing moving forward.


Step No.2- Neck curl up:


Instead of sitting just sleep down on the floor and now bend your legs up and make U shape and now take your tongue and make it touch to your mouth roof at the time of touching it up make you neck move up, it will release all the tension and fat of your jaw by stretching them wide do this exercise for 15 to 20 minutes In a day.


StepNo.3- Chew chewing-gum:


Yes, It’s proof and many experiments say that chewing-gum gives the best exercise to your jaw muscles cause if you are chewing something for 1 hour in a day it is going to make your jaw move so much it will release all the fat from your jaw chew it for 30 days 1 hour a day.


So those where all my tip I hope you like them if you like it or if you have any idea related to it comment down below and share it with all your men friends and give them also the tip of having a chiseled jawline.

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