How to create an healthy plate .

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How to create an healthy plate .

What do you want for your family dinner, healthy food and also it should taste good you can follow this plate method this healthy eating plate works for everybody including people with diabetes indeed.

What’s the healthy plate .

It’s a way to control your serving sizes that you never have to count .

Simply use a 7-inch plate for children and a 9-inch plate for adults. First, divide the plate in half and fill half part with vegetable there are two types of vegetables first like a starchy one which includes a potato peas corn, etc.

And the second one nonstarchy ones like carrot, cucumber or salads if you have diabetes fill your plate with non-starchy vegetables and then fill one corner with starchy things like brown rice, Corn or anything you want on other corner fill lean food like tofu, grilled chicken like that for a drink add in a sweetened cup of water or tea you can also have a drink of squeezed lemon in water and “tadada” you are all set your healthy plate is ready and you can also create your own plate and have it but following my healthy guidelines.

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