How to cook proper rice for biryani.


Hello, My foodies now everybody has a question or a problem that how to cook rice properly So this is for you So, today I am gonna share with you an awesome recipe for how to cook rice with a nice taste.

Ingredients for rice.

  • Water.
  • Bay leaves(tej patta).
  • Salt.
  • Cloves(laung).
  • Cinnamon stick.
  • Javitri(Mace).
  • Green cardamom.
  • Lemon wedge.
  • Ghee.
  • Mint leaves.
  • Basmati rice.


Take a vessel and heat up the amount of water according to your rice amount and now boil the water after it starts getting boiled up then add salt and all the ingredients given up and boil it a little bit for releasing the flavours of masala and now add soaked basmati rice and boil the rice al-Dante means half-cooked after it gets cooked little bit strain all the water from rice and keep the rice aside.

Your tasty rice is ready to become biryani or to go on dinning table.

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