How to check 10th SSC result 2020

Maharashtra State Board of secondary and higher secondary education (MSBSHE) will declare the result of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) 2020 tomorrow 29th July at 1 pm. Students can check their results on

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How to check 10th SSC result 2020

Former Education Minister of Maharashtra Varsha Gaikwad has tweeted on Twitter that SSC 2020 results will be declared tomorrow at 1 p.m. and students can check their results on the official website of Maharashtra government

How you can check result?

  1. Visit the official website

2. On homepage, click on the link “SSC examination result 2020”

3. Now enter your roll number and Mother’s First Name.

4. After entering roll number and mother’s name click on the view result

5. The result will appear on the display screen

6. Take a printout of your result for future reference.

The 10th SSC exams, scheduled from March 3 to March 23 were affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore, they decided to cancel the geography exam which was the last paper on 23rd march the history paper was held on March 21 and the paper checking process was delayed due to the restrictions imposed in lockdown.

MSBSHE has announce that marks of geography paper would be calculated or given based on the average marks received in other subjects of the exams.

We wish you best of luck for your results.


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