How media distraction has become a political weapon in India.


On 31st August 2020 Indian government announced its GDP(Gross domestic product) growth rate. 

This news was only covered by some channel but not that much it was only shown in some speedy breaking news. 

According to the growth of Indian News channel “Times now” is the second most big news channel for breaking English news channel in India they showed this news but not in their Primetime slot it was just for 15 minutes.

Media distraction a political weapon


Is a country’s GDP should not be discussed in news covers?

All these questions should be raised cause media plays an important role in any frame of country, anywhere anytime media plays an important role, If they want they can destroy and if they want they will make you rule, but nowadays media’s is not using their power correctly they are just misleading with the concepts this can also hurt you and media also. 

According to a chart of news and debates, all big news channels have only shown one news from June about the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case. 

On 3rd August when the GDP rate was announced the most published and telecast news in News channels was only about Rhea Chakraborty. After seeing all this I understand that media is hiding something from us.

Cause of distraction:

With the power of social media, this media ecosystem can pull local eyes to any news they want to show you. 

And the main cause of this distraction is that we have different media sources, because of the 1991 liberation, our TV industry has caused an explosion wherein 1992 there were only 12 lakhs homes who have TVs but after 1 year 8 crore homes got TV. According to media ownership monetary we have 1 lakh registered publication, we have 17 thousand daily newspapers, we have 880 satellite channels and we have more than 380 news channels in our country. 

And in sudden times the growth of smartphones is growing very fastly. About 68% of India’s main source of watching the news on the smartphone. 

On YouTube, the video of 300 minutes gets uploaded in 1 second. As a consumer, we have many sources to watch News and Information but sometimes it can be good and sometimes it can create the overdose of misinformation for us. 

According to Twitter analysis, fake news spread faster than true news because these different websites and different apps are only dying to make money from you.

Zone flooding:

So, now we are going to see how these companies do this thing practically and the best example for that is “Steve Banan” (Ex-chief strategist of White house) and he used the technique called  ‘Zone Flooding’. In 2018 he reportedly told that ‘The real opposition is the media, and the real way to deal with is to flood the zone in shit’. 

He realized for setting a single narrative any kind of misinformation can be used.


Zone flooding is obviously used for making more rewards in less time. Like nowadays media distraction is high in public You can’t see that case of Sushant Singh Rajput is now turned into support to Kangana Ranaut and you can see that how much of fame and attention they are seeking from us.

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