How COVID-19 is affecting our Education system badly

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has shooked the Education system and it has lead to the total closure of schools, colleges, and universities worldwide which has pushed many students in depression.

Mostly every school and university are temporarily closed due to lockdown and to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. More than 1Billion students are affected due to closures of universities. Some exams are canceled like ICSE and CBSE but many exams are not canceled and their exam dates are not fixed because of the rise in cases of coronavirus therefore they are rescheduling exams one after another which is a big headache for students.

How Teachers and Parents are affected?

Not only students, teachers and parents are also greatly affected by the closures of schools and classes there are many teachers in India who are not earning in this pandemic and schools are not ready to pay them a salary. Many schools are charging and demanding fees from parents which is a big concern for them because due to the lockdowns and this pandemic they are not earning much and they are unable to pay fees.

Some greedy private schools are demanding fees from students and parents even if their schools are closed. Many poor students who come from the background of the low-income class will leave their studies because they will not have money to pay the fees.

Many schools and colleges have started online classes which is a temporary solution but what about the students who did not have mobile or even they have mobile but can’t afford Internet packages because everybody knows the situation of poor’s and low middle-class peoples in India.

Why Students are confused?

NTA(National Testing Agency) which conducts entrance exams like engineering, medical, pharmacy, and many more is a bit confused because they are continuously rescheduling exams every month and therefore students are confused about the exact date of exams. According to new dates entrance exams will happen in September but how it is possible to gather a big amount of students to give exams in this pandemic.

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Students are now confused about entrance exams because they don’t no if exams are going to canceled or not because some colleges has released their admission forms.

Some schools and colleges are changing their statements continuously first they tell that exams are canceled but after two-three weeks they release exam dates which have now become hectic for students.

There is big question does students life is more important or exams.

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