Hello guys today i am going to share with you an awesome recipe of chilli potato with sweet and spicy and tangy sauce, you can make this recipe at the time of monsoon or for you friends at party time they will love this recipe so,let’s get started.

So, for making chilli potato we will first make an crispy french fries (fried potatoes).

French fries .

french fries


1.potato(long sliced cut)

2.corn flour (powder)


5.1 bowl of water.

Sauce ingredients


2.tomato sauce

3.red chilli powder

4.salt (as per taste)

5.corn flour (slury)

6.capsicum (sliced)

7.onions (sliced)


9.schezwan sauce

10.spring onions(finely chopped)

11.corainder powder

12.garam masala

13.garlic ginger (finely chopped)


For,Making french fries first take a bowl of water boil water until lukewarm and add slit potato with a pinch of a salt boil for 2 minutes remove it and then wash it in a cold water and just transfer it in a deep bowl add corn flour mix well and fry it until it turns golden brown

Take a chinese wock put 4 tablespoon of oil ,Put ginger garlic and green chilli onions,capsicum fry it nicely then add some pinch of salt red chilli powder corainder powder garam masala and mix well add little bit of water after putting water add in a cornflour(slury) slowly and after it add fried french fries and at the top add honey and mix it well

Your hot and tasty honey chilli potato recipe is ready to serve ,serve it hot with spring onions on top in plate.

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