hakka noodles

because of this pandemic we are unable to make our favourite chinese food that we daily use to eat but today i a am going to share with you guys awesome hakka noodles recipe


1.sliced onions

2.sliced capsicum

3.sliced cabbage

4.spring onion finely chopped

5.soy sauce 2 table spoon

6.schezwan sauce 1 table spoon

7.vinegar 1 table spoon

8.red chilli powder

9.corainder powder

10.garam masala

11.salt(as per taste)

12.boiled noodles

2.how to boil noodles

Take 1 bowl required after water start boiling put salt in it and then put hakka noodles in it remove it after 3 to 4 minutes .


Take a chinese wock put oil put some cabbage capsicum onions fry it nicely then add in some schezwan sauce soy sauce vinegar read chilli powder corainder powder garam masala give it a mix put boiled hakka noodles in it and mix well you tasty hakka noodles is ready for a serve.

serve it in the bowl with some spring onions on it.

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