Green chutney recipe

Hello, my foodies welcome back today I am gonna share with you an awesome recipe of green chutney that will make your day, yes I am serious you can eat this chutney with anything whether its sandwich or any kind of fritters so let’s dig into the recipe.

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Green chutney ingredients.

1.Peanuts .

2.Fresh coriander .

3.Mint leaves .

4.tomatoes .

5.Ajwain, And if you don’t have ajwain say (f**k you ajwain).

6.Half glass water.

Green chutney recipe.

First, take a Kadai roast the peanuts with some salt until it turns into reddish in colour. And then take a Grinder and put roasted peanuts, coriander, mint leaves, tomatoes, ajwain. Grind it for a second and then open lid of grinder and add water from the measure given up. Your green chutney recipe is ready now let’s jump into toastie recipe.

Now your tasty chutney is ready, serve it with any dish😄.

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