Govt to reward startups for building Artificial Intelligence for health, education, mobility

  • Government of India has introduced a new challenge for startups who will develop the best AI.
  • This challenge will increase new startups in India to run in the global race.
Artificial Intelligence


The government of India is encouraging new startups in India which will build AI(Artificial Intelligence) to help increase the facility for health, education, and global sector and new firms which will build new innovations to raise the space sector and other sectors of India.

The Centre has introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions Challenge, inviting startups to develop and innovate solutions to address challenges across sectors such as healthcare, education, agriculture, smart mobility, transportation, and natural language processing.

The top 15 startups which will develop the best AI will be given an opportunity to showcase their solution at a virtual global summit on AI– RAISE (Responsible AI for Social Empowerment) 2020 which is organized by the union government in October. This will also include crowd sourcing.

The winner who will develop best solution will receive ₹20 lakh as prize money. Besides, the government will also adopt suitable solutions, wherever applicable.

The development assumes significance as the government in the last few months has launched challenges such as Atma Nirbhar app innovation challenge to promote existing apps and develop new ones and ‘Chunauti- next generation startup challenge’ to further boost startups and software products.

Government wants to make these startups self reliant at a time when India has banned many Chinese apps due to security concerns.

Similarly, following privacy concerns over Zoom, in April, the union government announced an innovation challenge to develop a made in India video conferencing solution.

Abhishek Singh, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National e-Governance Division stated that such challenges increase a lot of interest from the VC (Venture Capital) community and angel investors. It helps the smaller apps to get noticed as well as increase their user base. Some of these apps got massive traction after some Chinese apps were banned.

This AI challenge is a bit different as usually these challenges try to solve a particular problem. Still, this is a welcome step and will encourage start-ups to share their solution,” DD Mishra, senior director analyst at Gartner said, adding that crowdsourcing solutions are going to be the next big thing in India.

Many countries like Japan, US, Germany, and many European countries also organized these challenges and it is common there which always increase students mind to create new innovations

The US government has set an example on how crowd sourcing can be used to solve complex problems using emerging technology, be it the state’s department of defence’s 2019 AI challenge to automate post disaster damage assessment using computer vision algorithm or crowd sourcing attempts by the White House earlier this year for development of new AI solutions to help researchers answer important question about covid-19.

The AI Solution challenge can be a big boost for cash strapped start-ups and can pave the way for future investments into them. But any successful application of AI will require access to good quality data and many startups don’t have access to them.

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