Everything you should know about Farmer’s bill and Farmer’s protest


How Modi’s farmer bill puts pressure on other political parties.

After the farmer’s bill was passed Harsimirat Kaur Badal who was the Food processing minister with the BJP alliance resign from his post.

At the second BJP loses the oldest ally as Akali walks out of NDA in protest, some people call this as historic reforms and some people compare it with the failure of GDP and with the failure of GST, Farmers from UP, Maharashtra, and Bihar is protesting on Roads.

Everything you should know about Farmer's bill and Farmer's protest


Today we are going to explain 3 points:

No.1 Why farmers are protesting

  • We can divide agriculture produce into two-part 1st is Grains like Rice or wheat and 2nd is Paracebal community like fruits and vegetables.
  • In our country, most of the grains are produced widely in states like Punjab, Haryana, and Western UP, and in this state, these grains belong to AP and MC regulation and according to this regulation all farmers have to sell their grains in markets of MSP.
  • And In this market, the farmer gets minimum price support, and the state which has this regulation can only sell their grains in MSP markets and it is only for some grains like Rice or Wheat and this regulation is only applied to Haryana and Punjab.
  • And according to the new Farmers Bill, this is not necessary for farmers to sell their grains only in MSP markets they can also sell their grains to any Private player in the market after seeing this from outside it looks very positive like in Lok Sabha governments says that it is good for our farmers and also for private companies it is a good way to invest private sector.

So, What are the reasons farmers are protesting for?

No.2 Lack of trust on Private sector.

  • The one reason why farmers are protesting cause they don’t have their trust in the Private sectors and they also have a reason for this thing.
  • In the last 10 to 20 years market of agriculture inputs like pesticides and fertilizers in that region we have seen more growth of private sectors and because of that Price of agriculture inputs is not going down it’s growing up and on the date of today prices of fertilizers are very costly.
  • Farmers want to say that if the government will give more money to Non-AP MC markets then private sectors will start fixing their own prices and in that there will be no single profit for farmers.
  • Farmers also say that their bargaining power in front of the private sector will be very low, like ‘Kanaian Subramaniam’ who is a farmer from Karnataka he explains that I can fight and bargain the prices from local traders, But corporation people don’t except my call.
  • Also, some farmers say that according to new bill private sector do not have any regulation so, because of that Governments will not going to know which bad condition is happening with farmers, like ‘Ranjit Singh Raju’ who is the farmer from Rajasthan he says that nobody is going to know in what prices we are being offered to sell our agriculture, In the paper, it looks very practical.
  • Like one UP farmer is not only limited to his state he can sell his grain all over the country but, many Experts disagree with that. Kavita Kuruvanti who is an expert in agriculture sectors she says that “India’s small and marginal farmers can neither go in search of any distant markets (in other states or via the electronic trading platform)”.
  • This is not like that farmers not only trust in private sectors they say that we don’t trust our government also.


Government against Farmers


No.3 Lack of trust in Government

  • The fact is that every time our government has a new bill they only give the opportunity to privatization consumers but not to farmers and one introduction for this will be the inflammation policy.

  • Every government whether it’s UP government or NDA they always been very sensitive about ‘Middle Class’ like about how they will react after seeing the price growth in onions and tomatoes it means that government chooses or made different policies to control this prices and because of that middle class get the profit but, Farmers always have to pay something for it.

  • Every time price growth happens our government does two things, firstly they ban our export like recently Government has ban onions export in-country and according to chart studies in the middle of 2014 to 2018 our government has changed price policies 17 times.

  • And in second they also ban our import system like recently our government ban the import of foreign goods to less import of Masoor Dal and it impacts to agriculture to less production of masoor Dal that is the reason why farmers don’t trust on our government.

  • According to Deepak Nagar who is a farmer from Nashik, Maharashtra says that in whole lockdown he sell onions at low prices and after the lockdown opens the government banned the export of onions.

  • The government always has one problem in their reforms that every reform is very historic and game-changing it improves our market strategy but, the opposition whether it is from farmers or from any political parties they get more strengthen up in our country.

  • 22 states have electronic trading available before this bill and there are only 16 states who sell their grains to APMC Mandi’s so why these reforms are considered as historic and game-changing.


The government’s objective is that farmers get high prices for what they produce and to ensure this thing government should know what prices farmers are getting for their produces so that government should make a private mandatory or a warehouse for farmers to stand up with their problems in the middle of government.

So from that government will know how much prices private sectors are offering to farmers.

Or the second solution is that the government should make warehouses for every state where all farmers can sell their products together and can get their profits from the private sector.

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